Clear Content Button OpenOffice Calc

How To Insert Clear Content Button OpenOffice Calc?

Usually, we need to do many tasks repeatedly while creating spreadsheets in OpenOffice Calc. These include clearing cells, deleting ranges, printing ranges, etc. You can automate these tasks with the help of Macros in OpenOffice Calc. Here, we will learn how to insert a command button to Clear Contents of a specific range in OpenOffice Calc.


How To Use NUMBERTEXT Function in OpenOffice Calc?

NUMBERTEXT Function is an add-in provided by OpenOffice that converts your numbers to words in OpenOffice Calc. In other words, you can convert a numeric value into words using this function. Similar to Excel, OpenOffice Calc doesn’t have any in-built function to convert numbers to words. As OpenOffice is open-source software, it provides NUMBERTEXT as …

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