Clear Content Button OpenOffice Calc

How To Insert Clear Content Button OpenOffice Calc?

Learn to add a Clear Content Button OpenOffice Calc with the help of Macros to simplify tedious jobs and save time.

Usually, we need to do many tasks repeatedly while creating spreadsheets in OpenOffice Calc. These include clearing cells, deleting ranges, printing ranges, etc. You can automate these tasks with the help of Macros in OpenOffice Calc.

Here, we will learn how to insert a command button to Clear Contents of a specific range in OpenOffice Calc.

Steps to Insert Clear Content Button in OpenOffice Calc Using Macros

3 easy steps to Insert a Clear Content Button in OpenOffice Calc:

  1. Record a Macro.
  2. Draw a Button using the Form Controls.
  3. Assign the Macro.

Let us go through the process with the help of an example.


Given below is an example of weekly attendance:

Weekly Attendance

The first step is to record the Macro. Select the heading before you start the recording. Go to Tools, Macros, and select Record Macros. The shortcut key to this option is ALT + T + M + R. Name the macro. Don’t keep any spaces in the name of the macro.

Clear Content Button OpenOffice Calc

With the help of a mouse or Keyboard, select the range you want to delete. Press the Delete button on your keyboard. Click on the Stop Recording pop-up on the left-hand side below the ribbon.

Stop Macro Recording OpenOffice

Click on the Design Mode button in the ribbon. Select the Push Button. Draw the button beside the data.

Insert Button in OpenOffice

To configure the button right-click the button and select Controls. The following dialog box will appear:

Configure Button OpenOffice

In the Label tab, Name the button “Clear Contents”.

Clear Content Button OpenOffice Calc

Navigate to the Events tab and select the 3 dots button on the right-hand side. Click on the Macro button.

Assign Macro OpenOffice

Select the previously recorded Macro. and click OK.

Assign Macro OpenOffice

That’s it. Your Clear Content Button is ready to use. The Clear Content Button now clears the data from C5:H12 as shown in the image below:

Clear Content Button OpenOffice Calc

Click the link below to download the sample file:

Sample File

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