School Report Card and Mark Sheet Template

School Report Card And Mark Sheet Excel Template

The Ready-To-Use School Report Card And Mark sheet Template in Excel, OpenOffice Calc, and Google Sheet for simplifying the task of preparing a report card.

Completely automate the process of making mark sheets and report cards for the students. With the help of this template, a teacher or a school administrator can easily prepare a term-wise mark sheet of students in no time.

Moreover, this template helps you prepare term-wise report cards and cumulative progress reports for a complete academic year.

Furthermore, it consists of additional printable mark sheets and report cards. These printables help the school admin to easily distribute work to different subject teachers.

Every school cannot afford software solutions for these tedious tasks. Usually, admins and school staff have to manually do these tedious tasks 3-4 times a year.

Using this template, teachers can easily generate report cards for their respective classes with minimal effort. This saves their precious time and energy. The school management can use this for the betterment of students as well as teachers.

Download School Report Card and Mark Sheet Template (Excel, OpenOffice Calc & Google Sheet)

To simplify the tedious job of educators/teachers, we have created a Student Report Card and Mark Sheet Template with predefined formulas.

Just enter the marks obtained by students in respective subjects and the template will automatically display the percentage, grade, rank, etc for all term exams.

Microsoft Excel OpenOffice Calc Google Sheet

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How to Use School Report Card And Mark Sheet Template?

Report Card Template

Steps to prepare mark sheet and report card for students:

  1. Enter general school information like name of the school, address, academic year, class, division, school reopening date, working days, name of the class teacher and principal.
  2. Define Grading System for each term. Range of marks and grades based on that.
  3. In the mark sheet file, enter the names of the students against roll numbers. These details are to be entered only once.
  4. Define subjects as per your needs. Enter marks obtained by each student in each subject against the respective name and term. This will display the percentage marks obtained in each subject and its respective subject grade.
  5. Once you are done updating the marks in each subject, go to the Term-Wise Report Card Template and select the roll number from the dropdown list to print the report card.

The user can prepare individual term-wise report cards for Term-1, Term-2, and Final Term by just inserting the marks of respective subjects in given cells.

Moreover, there are two types of printing options. One is with school details which can be printed on plain stationery. In case, if you have ready report card stationery with school details on it, you can use another format that has blank space on the top.

Let us discuss the components of the template in detail.

Components of School Report Card And Mark Sheet Excel Template

This template consists of 10 sheets: Basic information sheet, Mark Sheet, 2 types of printable mark sheets, 4 types of report cards, and 2 types of printable report cards.

Let us understand each in detail.

Basic Information Sheet

The basic information sheet consists of the necessary information that the template uses in the mark sheet and report card.

School Report Card and Mark Sheet Template

The School Information consists of the following:

School Name
School Address
Academic Year
Class Teacher
School Reopen Date
Term-wise Working Days

Grading System

The Grading System consists of the predefined range of marks and their respective grades along with a code of conduct. The user can define the grading system as per their needs. This grading system is used for both: subject grades and overall grades.

Mark Sheet Template

The Mark Sheet consists of Roll number, Student name, class, and division. In this section, the teacher just needs to enter the student’s name. These details seldom change during an academic year.

Mark Sheet Template

There is a provision of a total of 9 subjects. Each subject has marks obtained, percentage of marks, and subject grade for term-1, term-2, and final term.

Mark Sheet Template

The teacher only needs to enter the marks obtained. The template consists of predefined formulas. Hence, it automatically calculates percentages and displays the subject grade based on the grading system. All 9 subjects are similarly configured.

Mark Sheet Template

After the subject marks, comes the total section. No need to enter any data in this section. All the cells consist of predefined formulas. Hence, they are auto-populated.

Mark Sheet Template

Followed by this comes the student’s attendance section. Insert the days present by the student in the respective term. Insert code of conduct based on each student. In the end, insert the GR number. The template displays the GR number on the report card.

Mark Sheet Template

Printable Term-wise Mark Sheet Template

Printable Mark Sheet Template

Usually, there are many subjects and all the teachers cannot work on the same file simultaneously. Hence, we have created a printable version of Term wise mark sheet.

It is a replica of the previous mark sheet file. Print the file and give the paper to each subject teacher to insert the marks obtained by the students. Once all the subjects are done, insert them in the Mark Sheet Template.

Subject-wise Printable Mark Sheet Template

Printable Mark Sheet Template

We have also created a subject-wise printable mark sheet to be distributed to each teacher. Just print the sheet and hand it over to the teacher. Once filled in by the teacher, the class teacher or the admin can collect and insert the same in the mark sheet template.

Printable Mark Sheet Template

Term-Wise Student Report Card Template

Report Card Template

The work is almost done. Now, in the Term-Wise Report Card Template, there are 3 different report cards, one for each term: Term-1, Term-2, and Final Term.

Use this sheet if you don’t have pre-printed stationery to print the report card with school details.

Student Report Card Template

To print the report card, select the roll number of the student from the dropdown list. With the help of the Vlookup Function, the template auto-populates the details of each subject for the respective term.

Furthermore, if the student has failed the final term result will be blank in promoted to section. If the student has passed then it will show the next class.

Term-Wise Student Report Card Template On School Letterhead

This sheet is the same as above. The only difference is that it doesn’t have school details at the top. It functions similarly to the above sheet. Just select the roll number of the student and the report card is ready to print.

Report Card Template

Use this sheet if you already have a pre-printed school letterhead or stationery.

Cumulative Progress Report (Annual)

Cumulative report card consists of marks of all three terms in one. Often, schools issue cumulative report cards for the complete academic year. Thus, all you need to do is to select the roll number from the dropdown list and the report card is ready to print.

Cumulative Progress Report

Cumulative Progress Report (Annual) on School Letterhead

This sheet is the same as above. The only difference is that it doesn’t have school details at the top. It functions similarly to the above sheet. Just select the roll number of the student and the report card is ready to print.

Cumulative Progress Report

Use this sheet if you already have a pre-printed school letterhead or stationery.

Printable Term-wise Report Card Template

This template also consists of term-wise printable report cards. Hence, these printables can be used as samples to be given to offset printers to prepare pre-printed stationery.

Printable Term-wise Report Card

Printable Cumulative Progress Report

Similar to the above, this template also consists of a Printable Cumulative Progress Report. You can print and manually fill in the data or use them as samples for offset printing.

Cumulative Progress Report

Purpose of Academic Evaluation of Students

The main purpose of the Academic evaluation of students is to serve as a communication link between the school and parents. It provides details of student’s achievements during the term/semester or a complete academic year.

A report card communicates a student’s progress over the course of the school year. Moreover, it allows students to be aware of the expectations and work accordingly with their teachers to achieve them.

What is Positive Feedback System?

Positive feedback is providing non-demoralizing statements to students. It motivates and encourages the students to do their studies well.

This feedback is critical to the improvement and success of the students. Key principles to follow while providing positive feedback are:

  • It should be based on appropriate behavior or the efforts made towards the appropriate behavior.
  • It should be genuine, unbiased, and filled with enthusiasm.
  • Teachers must provide frequently for students who have trouble following the rules.
  • It should be personalized based on the child’s needs.

Benefits of Positive Feedback System

Following are the benefits of the Positive Feedback System:

  1. Inspires them to embrace their mistakes and encourages them to try again.
  2. Instills confidence to face failure and try without worrying about the results.
  3. Gives the student a sense of belonging and makes them feel wanted and supported.
  4. Develops a growth mindset and teaches them to learn from their mistakes.

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