Billing Statement Template

Ready-To-Use Billing Statement Template

Billing Statement Template in Excel, OpenOffice Calc & Google Sheet to send a statement of outstanding invoices to your clients.

With the help of this template, you can prepare the account statement of your creditor in just a few clicks. This template displays the outstanding balance against each invoice and also the total outstanding. It calculates days as per the credit period allowed to the creditor.

Moreover, it also consists of a fully automated Accounts Receivable Template that automatically prepares billing statements for your client as you go. It also consists of multiple payment columns to properly manage your clients.

What is a Billing Statement?

A billing statement is an outstanding report of a particular client for a specific period. It consists of a list of invoices, payments, and billing status of invoices for a specific period.

Usually, businesses issue billing statements for those clients who receive goods on credit. The credit period is mutually agreed upon by both parties. In other words, it is the creditor’s ledger for a specific period.

In simple terms, a periodic report that business issues to their clients showing transactions and balances due for a specific period.

Components Of A Billing Statement

Generally, a billing statement consists of the following:

Client Information: This section consists of client information like the client’s name and ID. In addition to this, it also consists of a credit period in terms of days. This limit is predefined by mutual understanding.

Statement Period: This section displays the period of the billing statement. It can be half-yearly, quarterly, monthly, fortnightly, weekly, or bi-weekly.

Invoice Information: Invoice information includes the following:

  • Outstanding amounts of previous periods if any.
  • Unique Invoice number.
  • Issue date of Invoice.
  • Due date of payment.
  • Total Invoice amount.
  • Total payment received against each invoice.
  • Outstanding amount against each invoice if any.
  • Line total for each of the above.

Remittance Information:  This section consists of your bank details to which the client can make the respective payments.

Summary of Client Account: This includes the total amount of invoices issued, payments received, and the total amount outstanding.

Purpose of Billing Statement

The main purpose billing statement is to collect the receivable timely. A timely collection results in proper cash flow for our business.

Moreover, based on the cash flows, it further helps in budgeting and income projections. This assists us in making other important business decisions. It also serves as a reminder to the client for payments.

In addition to that, it helps us to be aware of the client’s payment history. This enables us to decrease/increase the credit line of the client based on their previous performance. Eventually, this helps us to decrease the chances of bad debts.

Download Billing Statement Template (Excel, OpenOffice Calc & Google Sheet)

Billing Statement Template

We have created a Billing Statement Template with predefined formulas to easily prepare and track your client’s transactions for a specific period.

Download by clicking below on the desired format:

Microsoft Excel OpenOffice Calc Google Sheet

Additionally, you can download Accounting templates like Accounts Payable Template, Depreciation Calculator, Bank Book, Cash Book Template, Petty Cash Book Template, Purchase Order Template, and Payroll Template With Attendance.

Feel free to contact us for the customization of this template as per your requirement. We also design new templates based on your needs. You can hire us for our services on Fiverr or directly contact us at

Billing Statement Template consists of 3 sheets: Billing Statement Template, Fully Automated  Ledger with Billing Statment, and Printable Billing Statement.

Let us understand each in detail.

Billing Statment Template

Billing Statement Template consists of 6 sections:

  1. Company Information
  2. Client Information
  3. Billing Information
  4. Remittance Information
  5. Summary Section
  6. Approval section.

Company Information

The company information section consists of the company name, company address, and company logo. You can adjust the space for the logo as per your need.

Billing Statement

Client Information

The client information section consists of the following details:

Client name
Client id
Statement Date
Credit period

Based on the credit period in this section, the billing section will calculate the due dates of invoices.

Billing Information

Billing Statement

Insert the period for which the billing statement is prepared. It can be a week, month, quarter or as per your need.

The Billing Information section consist of the following columns:

Invoice Number
Invoice Date
Due Date
Invoice Amount
Payment Received

The first is the serial number of the invoice. It auto-populates as you make the entry in the next column. Thus, you don’t need to make any entry in this column. Insert invoice number and invoice date.

Moreover, it calculates the Due Date based on the credit period inserted in the client information section. The following formula is used for calculations:


Insert the invoice amount and payment received against the respective invoice.

Days column is auto-calculated. If the invoice is outstanding it will display days passed above the due date. But, if there is no outstanding it will be blank. The following formula is used for calculations:


The outstanding amount column displays the difference of amount between invoice amount and payments received.

If the bill is outstanding it will display “outstanding in the remarks column otherwise it will be blank. The following formula is used:


In the end, it displays the column totals for the invoice amount, the payment received, and the outstanding amount column.

Remittance Information

Remittance information consists of your bank detail to which the client has to make the outstanding payment.

Billing Statement

Approval Section

Furthermore, The approval section consists of the signature section where the issuer and the approving authority will check the details and approve the billing statement.

Printable Billing Statement

This template is similar to the above billing statement template.

Click on the image below to print and use the Printable Billing Statement:

Printable Billing Statement

Fully Automated Accounts Receivable Ledger With Billing Statement

Accounts Receivable Excel Template

Previously, we have created a fully automated Accounts Receivable Template that generates billing statements for clients as you go. At any given point, you can open the client ledger and print the billing statement.

Just insert your invoices and the template will automatically save the debtor’s receivable data in their respective file.

AR Report

Moreover, this template also helps you prepare month-wise, date-wise, amount-wise, and client-wise reports.

Debtors Ledger

Additionally, the template consists of multiple payment columns. Thus, the user can record partial payments or full payments against each invoice.

Click on the link below to download this template:

Fully Automated Accounts Receivable Template with Billing Statement

Frequently Asked Questions

How often are billing statements sent?

Businesses use billing statements to give their clients a rundown on all invoices issued to their accounts. It is solely upon us how often we want to send them the billing statement. Regular submission of billing statements ensures timely collection. Thus, fortnightly or monthly is considered to be the best practice.

Are account statements and billing statements the same thing?

Yes, billing statements and account statements are the same. Both constitute the same details of invoices and outstanding invoices of the client.

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