Employee Training Log

Ready-To-Use Employee Training Log Template

Employee Training Log Template in Excel, OpenOffice Calc & Google Sheets to professionally manage the training sessions of your employees.

Moreover, this template displays department-wise, program-wise, and score-wise Training Session Reports along with Printable Employee Training Attendance.

Just insert the name of your employees and other relevant details to easily manage and record employee training in your organization.

What is Employee Training?

With the growth of any company comes advancement in software, equipment, skills, and a lot more. To cope with these advancements, employees need to learn and upgrade themselves.

Training can be realted to management skills, performance skills, or technical skills. The in-house process of upgrading these skills is called Employee Training.

Types of Employee Training Under Human Resource Management (HRM)

There are 8 different types of training.

Orientation Training

Orientation Training is for new joining employees. It is the duty of the company/management/supervisor, to direct the newly joined employee with basic instruction regarding interaction with superiors, coworkers, and other fellow employees as well as other company policies. This will make it easier for the employee to settle in their new job and also the work environment.

Onboarding Training

Onboard training is quite different from Orientation Training. Orientation training focuses on making the newly joined employee with people whereas Onboarding Training focuses on giving the employees the know-how of job responsibilities.

Onboarding training helps the employee to be familiar with the software and gear they will be using. This program can go on for as long as it takes to introduce essential job skills and cover all of the topics that employees need to know to accomplish their jobs properly.

Technical Skills Training

With the change of technology in terms of equipment or software, both mandate employees to learn the technical skills to operate or manage them. Hence, this type of training focuses on learning technical skills.

Perhaps your staff is already proficient in skills like quotation, bookkeeping, content writing, or programming. However, there is always space for development, particularly if their profession necessitates certain technical abilities. As a result, many businesses run technical programs to enhance their staff’s technical abilities.

Soft Skills Training

It is not always about technical prowess. Soft skills are equally necessary for advancement in the workplace. Soft skills are a collection of personality traits, behaviors, and social attitudes.

Hence, these abilities enable people to effectively communicate, collaborate, and manage conflict. Soft skill training assists us in developing ideal corporate culture and also in improving workplace interactions.

Product or Service Training

Product training is providing knowledge of the product range to employees. This can either be a part of the boarding program or conducted separately. This helps to keep our staff is well-informed on the items or services we represent.

Therefore, it also keeps the employees informed about new launches or features. Usually, organizations keep product training ongoing regularly or before the launch of a new product or feature.

Compliance Training

In some companies, employees need to obtain compliance certifications or training to execute their work. For example, mortgage counselors require timely renewal of their licenses, and laborers in the construction field require certain safety certificates to perform their duties.

Generally, all government departments provide compliance training. This type of training is educating the employee more about the rules and regulations to be followed for a particular type of work. This training can either be done in-house or can be conducted online.

Franchise Training

Supply chains or franchise models of business need to maintain uniformity in the products and services. Hence, to provide knowledge of the processes or work following the same procedure.

Moreover, it is difficult to maintain consistency when procedures or products change regularly. Therefore, such Franchise Training is organized to deliver instruction on-site to keep the employee up to date.

Managerial and Leadership Training

Businesses organizemManagerial or leadership training either to enhance employees to higher positions or efficiently manage their existing teams.

This helps them to prepare for a career with leadership responsibility. This includes team management, workload management, or situation management. Moreover, this helps to develop a deeper understanding of leadership.

Thus, it is necessary for the company to first identify individuals with leadership potential. Companies can achieve this by taking assessments of employee contribution to the company as well as their seniority. Often, companies hire external coaches and organize group sessions for their employees.

What is Employee Training Log?

Employee Training Log is a document that records and manages training programs held inside or outside the company. This document reports the employee information along with the program undertaken by the employee.

Moreover, it also consists of the duration of the training program as well as the skills to upgrade. Not only that, but these training logs also provide information about the employee’s performance during these training sessions.

Purpose of Maintaining A Training Log

The main objective of maintaining a training log is to keep employees compliant with industry standards. In addition to that, this helps our company to stay on top of current trends and prepare a future-ready staff.

Moreover, keeping track of the employee training helps to efficiently manage your workforce. We are aware of the potential employees that can take an immediate position at times when such personnel aren’t available in the market or in times of emergency.

Download Employee Training Log Template (Excel, OpenOffice Calc & Google Sheet)

Employee Training Log

We have created a simple and easy-to-use Employee Training Log Template with predefined formulas and functions. This template helps you to efficiently and effectively manage employee training sessions along with multiple reports.

Download by clicking below on the desired format:

Microsoft Excel OpenOffice Calc Google Sheet

Additionally, you can also download other HR templates like Payroll Template With Attendance, Timesheet Template, Paycheck Calculator, Job Application Tracker, and Business Mileage Log Template, IRS Compliant Mileage Log Template depending on the company requirement.

Components of Employee Training Log Template

Employee Training Log consists of 4 sections: Training Information, Employee Information, and Training Results, Training Session Reports.

Training Information

Employee Training Log

This section consists of the following columns:


Leave the month column blank. This column auto-fills based on the start date of the training.

Insert the name of the program the employee is going to take. For example, data analysis, accounts management, team management, etc.

Usually, programs are conducted in-house, in-field, or off-campus. Depending on the type of training, select the type of program from the drop-down list. Insert the number of days the program will be conducted.

Insert the start date and it will automatically display the end date of the program based on the number of days.

Employee Information

Employee Training Log

This section consists of the following columns:

Emp ID

Insert employee name, employee id, designation, and department.

Training Results

Employee Training Log

This section consists of the following columns:


Insert the location at which the training is going to be conducted. It can be in the office, headquarters, or on-site.

Once the employee takes the training, insert the scores. We have given levels 1-5. Where 5 is excellent, 3 and 4 are satisfactory, and less than 3 is not satisfactory and needs improvement.

Based on the scores, the remarks column will display the remark. If the score is 5 then it will display “Excellent”. If it is 3 or 4 it will display “Satisfactory”, and if below 3 it will display “Needs Improvement”.

Furthermore, you can use the “Filter Option” to generate employee-wise, department-wise, program-wise, and date-wise reports. Just click on the drop-down, and select the criteria.

Training Report

As shown in the image above, to see how many employees are undertaking in-house training, select “in-house in the criteria and click “ok”. The template will display the employees taking in-house training.

Training Session Reports

To find the count of employees at any given point we have created some analysis of the above training log. This section consists of the following reports. This section uses the COUNTIF function.

Program-Wise Report

Training Report

Month-Wise Report

Training Report

Department-Wise Report

Training Report

Score-Wise Report

Training Report

Location-Wise Report

Training Report

Printable Employee Training Attendance

Printable Employee Training Attendance

This sheet consists of the following columns:

Sr. No
Emp ID
Employee Name
Emp Signature

Moreover, to simplify the management of training sessions, we have also created a printable Employee Training Attendance Sheet. Just click on the image and print the sheet.

Benefits of Training Employees

  • Improves the knowledge and skills of employees to cope with various industry changes.
  • Increases the productivity of employees.
  • An increase in productivity and efficiency leads to an increase in profits.
  • It helps to reduce recruitment costs as employees with advanced knowledge are ready to take up those positions.
  • It helps in employee appraisals which leads to employee satisfaction and a decrease in turnover rates.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the advantages of training to the individual?

Training enhances the knowledge and skills of the employees which makes them more confident and helps them increase their career prospects. A trained employee is capable of handling pressure and responsibilities when promoted. It reduces the chances of mishaps, especially in the technical field. This also makes the employee feel wanted and increases job satisfaction.

How to identify employee training and development needs?

To identify the need for employee training and development, set clear expectations for each role. Monitor employee performance and find the key skills in which employees lack. Run some assessments to understand employee know-how.

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