GST Invoice Template For Retailers

Ready-To-Use GST Invoice Template For Retailers

GST Invoice Template For Retailers in Excel, OpenOffice Calc, Google Sheets, and PDF for retailers to sell goods on MRP (Maximum Retail Price) including GST.

Insert data in all the sections of the Invoicing Setup File. Go to GST Invoice Template. The date is auto-populated.  Select the Customer ID from the dropdown list. It will fetch all the customer details like name, address, GSTIN, POS, etc.

Select the type of invoice from the dropdown list: “Cash or Credit”. If the invoice is cash the days and due date will disappear.

But if the invoice is a credit invoice, then it automatically fetches days and due dates according to the credit period defined in the setup file.

Select “Product ID” and it auto-populates product name, HSN code, rate, Taxable value, GST percentage, and Amount. You just need to enter the quantity.

Insert remarks if applicable. Click on the “Print” button to print the invoice. That’s it. Your invoice is ready.

Additionally, the invoice sequence is configured with VBA code and changes automatically after the printing of each invoice. You can also generate client-wise, date-wise, and location-wise billing statements.

Download Fully Automated GST Invoice Template For Retailers to Sell Goods on MRP (Excel, OpenOffice Calc, & Google Sheet)

GST Invoice Template For Retailers

We have created a Fully Automated GST Invoice Template for Retailers to sell goods on MRP with predefined formulas and functions.

Download by clicking below on the desired format:

Microsoft Excel OpenOffice Calc Google Sheet

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Contents of GST Invoice Template For Retailers

This template consists of 4 Sheets: Setup File, GST Invoice Template for Retailers, GST Sales Register, and Printable GST Invoice Format For Retailers.

Invoicing Set Up File

GST Invoice Template For Retailers

It consists of the 3 sections: Supplier Information, Client Information, and Product Information.

Supplier information consists of the following:

Company Name
Supplier Address
Financial Year
Credit Period

Customer Information consists of the following columns:

Customer ID
Client Name

Client Address

POS is the state in which the customer/buyer is located. As per GST rules, if it is different from the supplier location, IGST will be applicable. Whereas, if the supplier and buyer location are from the same state then CGST and SGST will be applicable.

The Product Information section includes the following:

Product ID
Product Name
HSN Code
Price/Rate per Unit
GST Rate

This is a setup file that helps to configure the automation of the GST Invoice Template for Retailers so that you don’t have to manually type client as well as product information. These entries are to be made only one time to save time

GST Invoice Template For Retailers

GST Invoice Template For Retailers

GST invoice template consists of 5 sections: Supplier Information, Customer Information, Product Information, Summary section, and Other Information.

Supplier Details

This section is also auto-populated based on the information given in the setup file. It fetches supplier information like company name, company address, GSTIN, and Location. Followed by the Supplier information, it consists of the Invoice heading “Tax Invoice” as per the GST Act.

Customer Details

The date and invoice number are auto-populated. It starts at 1 and after the print command will display the next number in a sequence.

If you want to change it, insert a number of your choice.  Make sure it is only a number. Otherwise, the invoice number will not change.

Moreover, select Customer ID from the dropdown list and it auto-updates all of the following details:

Invoice Date
Customer Name
Customer Address
Type of Invoice
Credit Days
Due Date

Product Details

Furthermore, the Product Information section consists of the following columns:

Product ID
Product Description
Taxable Value

The serial number is auto-populated. Select Product ID and it fetches all details except the quantity. You need to insert the quantities of products manually.

As this is an invoice for selling goods on MRP, the price of the product includes GST in it. Thus, the taxable value is derived by deducting the respective GST percentage from the Amount column.

According to the GST Act 2017, if the location of supplier and POS of the client are the same then CGST & SGST will be applicable. And if they both are different, then IGST will be applicable.

The template automatically displays “CGST & SGST” or “IGST” applicability based on the information in the customer information section.

Invoice Summary and Other Information

The summary section displays the summary of the invoice. If the invoice is an Intra-state invoice it displays CGST and SGST calculations. Whereas, if the invoice is Inter-state, then it displays IGST calculations.

The other information section includes the “Remarks” section, signature section, and other miscellaneous details.

Click on the “Print” button and the invoice will open the “Save as PDF” dialog box.

GST Invoice Format

Once you execute the command the invoice number will automatically jump to next in the sequence.

GST Sales Register

GST Sales Register MRP

After you issue the invoice and supply the goods to your customer, it is necessary to maintain client-wise records of invoices. Hence, we have created a GST sales register to record your invoices.

This sheet consists of the following details:

Invoice No.
Customer ID
Customer Name
Taxable Value
Invoice Amount

Insert date and invoice number. Select the Customer ID and it will fetch other customer-related details like GSTIN, and Location.

Moreover, insert the amount of CGST and SGST, or IGST, whichever is applicable. The taxable value column is auto-populated.

GST Sales Register

Additionally, you can generate client-wise, date-wise, and location-wise billing statements using the “Filter” option.

Printable GST Invoice Format

Click on the image to enlarge and print the Printable GST Invoice Format For Retailers or Click on the button below to download as PDF:

Printable GST Invoice Format For Retailers


GST Regulations For Selling Goods on MRP

GST Rules for Selling Goods on MRP


Penalties for charging GST on MRP products

The government has defined rules for those retailers who sell goods more than the MRP. First and foremost, a consumer can file a complaint against such retailers. The customer needs to file this complaint at National Anti-Profiteering Authority. Such retailer is subject to a penalty of Rs.1 lakh or one year of imprisonment.

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