School Fee Collection System

Fully Automated School Fee Collection System Template

Download the Fully Automated School Fee Collection System in Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets to easily maintain a record of fee collection.

With the help of this template, you can manage fee records for 75 classes having 50 students each (A total of 3750 students) along with the outstanding reports.

You can also print fee receipts and fee reminder notices with just one click. Moreover, you can generate class-wise, division-wise, and amount-wise outstanding reports in just a few clicks.

School Fee Collection System

Each institution must keep a register to keep track of all students’ fee payments. School fee management systems provide solutions for keeping a record of each student’s fee payment data. As a result, you can minimize the time and effort required for manual record-keeping, as well as redundancy.

In simple terms, a fee management system automates fee collecting and receipt creation. It also automates data entry into school accounts, which helps to reduce mistakes and eliminate duplicate data inputs. Such systems can be useful for all private and public schools.

Importance of Proper Fee Collection System

All schools and institutions require funds to cover their expenses, such as salaries, power bills, maintenance costs, renewals, academic expenditures, updating digital resources, maintenance, etc.

Thus, keeping accurate records aids in the timely collection and allows the school to pay the aforementioned expenditures on time.

When it comes to fee collection, an administrator is usually on his or her toes. A minor error can interrupt cash inflows and create disruption.

The School Fee Collection System allows school administrators to keep track of fees collection and initiate actions for long outstanding dues.

Download School Fee Collection System (Excel, OpenOffice Calc, & Google Sheet)

We have created a simple and easy-to-use School Fee Collection System with predefined formulas and functions. Just select the class from the filter options and insert the applicable amounts against each student.

Furthermore, go to the fee receipt template. Type or select a student’s unique id from the dropdown to print the fee receipt. Not only that, but you can also issue a fee reminder notice just by typing or selecting a student’s unique id from the dropdown in the fee notice template.

Download by clicking below on the desired format:

Microsoft Excel OpenOffice Calc Google Sheet

Additionally, you can also download School Management Templates like School Report Card and Mark Sheet Excel Template, Payroll Excel Template With Staff Attendance, Random Number Generator, and Percentage Calculator.

Furthermore, feel free to contact us for the customization of this template as per your requirement. We also design new templates based on your needs. You can hire us for our services on Fiverr or directly contact us at

How To Use School Fee Collection System?

This template consists of 4 sheets: School Fee Structure, School Fee Collection Template, School Fee Receipt Template, and School Fee Reminder Notice Template.

Once you have made all the one-time data entries in the collection sheet, you can simplify the fee collection process. The sheet consists of Filter Options.

School Fee Collection Report

While collecting or at the time of receipt of fees from the students, just select the respective class from the filter. Insert the amount of the fee collected and you are done with the job.

The excel sheet consists of navigation buttons to go to other sheets in the workbook. Whereas the Google Sheet and OpenOffice Calc templates the navigation is manual. But functioning is the same in all files: Excel, OpenOffice Calc, and Google sheet.

School Fee Structure Sheet

School Fee Structure

Every school has a different fee structure. Hence, this sheet helps to define your fee structure for the collection sheet and also for School Fee Receipt.

This template consists of the following columns:

Fee Amount
Tuition Fees
Term Fees
Exam Fees
E-System Fees
Activities Fees

You have to make a one-time entry on this sheet. You can enter up to 75 classes on the sheet. This template consists of classes from Nursery To Standard 12th. Each class has up to 5 divisions. That is, A, B, C, D, and E.

Insert respective fee amounts against each class. Entry should be made only in white cells.

Be careful while entering data here as the fee collection amounts and outstanding amounts will be calculated based on it.

The template automatically calculates the Fee Amount using the SUM Function.

Using the buttons above, you can now navigate to the other sheets. Click on the “Collection Sheet” button.

School Fee Collection Template

This sheet is the important sheet of the School Fee collection system. It consists of fee collection data of all 3750 students. Hence, you have to be very careful while making entries.

It consists of 2 sections: Student and Fee Details and Fee Collection Details.

Student and Fee Details

School Fee Collection System

Student and Fee Details consist of the following columns:

Student Unique ID
Class – Div
Student Name
Tuition Fees
Term Fees
Exam Fees
E-System Fees
Activities Fees
Fee Amount

You can frame your Student ID. The first two alphabets represent your school and the last 3 or four digits represent the student serial. You can also use the General Register Number (GR number) of students as they are also unique.

Insert the number of classes and divisions applicable to you. This is a one-time entry. You can also easily copy-paste the data from other files or the school general register.

The template auto-populates the rest of the columns based on entries made in the School Fee Structure Sheet.

All these columns are not necessary all the time. Hence, we have grouped these columns. At the top, you can click on the “+” plus sign to open or close as per your need.

Fee Collection Details

School Fee Collection System

Every student makes payment of fees differently. Some pay all in one go and some in installments. Thus, keeping in mind the maximum number of payments in an academic year, we have kept 8 payment columns for each student.

The total fee received column consists of predefined formula. It uses the SUM function to calculate the total amount of fees collected during the respective academic year.

The last column displays the outstanding amount. If the outstanding amount is less than “0” zero, then the cell is highlighted with red color.

Thus, this depicts that either the amount of the fees is received in excess or there has been a mistake in making entries. It helps in the easy identification of problems.

School Fee Receipt Template

School Fee Receipt Template

Every school needs to provide a receipt of fees collected from the students. To simplify this process, we have also created a School Fee Receipt Template.

Just insert or select the Student Unique ID from the dropdown. The template fetches the data of the respective student from the collection sheet. That’s it and your fee receipt of the student is ready to print.

Student-wise Fee Receipt Printing

The School Fee Receipt consists of the student’s details, Fee structure, and details of all the payments/installments received. This template auto-populates all the details and hence there are no manual entries.

School Fee Reminder Notice Template

School Fee Reminder Notice Template

Similar to the School Fee Receipt section, we have also created a School Fee Reminder Notice Template. This template can be used anytime during the academic year to issue a fee reminder notice to students.

Just insert or select the Student Unique ID from the dropdown. The template fetches the outstanding amount of the respective student from the collection sheet.

It takes the notice data same as that of the computer using the TODAY function. The payment date is 7 days from the date of issue of the Fee Reminder Notice.

Student-wise Fee Reminder Notice Printing

That’s it and your fee reminder notice of the student is ready to print.

Custom Reports

You can generate class-wise, division-wise, and amount-wise outstanding reports in just a few clicks. Just select the filter from the top and the template will display the report for the selected criteria.

School Fee Collection Report

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